UNKLE77 / Mission Control Transcript

Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Pt.1) has long been a favorite song of mine since the first time I heard it on UNKLE’s 1998 album Psyence Fiction. The song features Kool G rap on vocal duty and some amazing production by DJ Shadow. Most interesting to me though is the conversation that takes place throughout the song between the fictional spaceship UNKLE77 and Off-World Technical Surveillance (also referred to as Off-World Mission Control.) I’ve never seen the conversation included in the song’s lyrics anywhere I’ve looked, so I set out to transcribe it myself.

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stagolee shot billy

Robert Hunter and the Myth of Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLyon.  It’s a story that’s been told countless times, and in many of those stories Stagger Lee is the hero.  But for Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, the hero was found not in Stagger Lee, but Billy’s widow.  This paper looks at how Hunter accomplished this and compares the song he wrote with another song about Stagger Lee, written and performed by Lloyd Price.

This is a paper I wrote for a university English class, and the paper is still formatted like a university paper, complete with references.  I hope this may be of use to someone else who is researching a topic this paper touches on.

Many thanks to my friend Sarah Masek, who proofread the paper and offered several suggestions to improve it, most of which I followed.  Many thanks to professor Stoker as well for his challenging but rewarding class.

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