2013 Garage Sale Bonanza finds

Army footlocker sideThis past weekend marked the 14th annual Garage Sale Bonanza, held at the Saybrook Plaza in Saybrook Township, Ohio.  It’s a large event, including just about everything you’d typically find at a garage sale except clothing.  All of the items sold are donated to the event and it is staffed entirely by volunteers.  Proceeds from the event benefit a variety of local non-profit organizations, including an animal shelter, senior center, clothes closet, transitional housing, cancer support group and several other worthy organizations.  I volunteer at the event each year, organizing, testing and repairing computer equipment and misc. electronics, and every year I also shop the event.  It’s a great place to find parts, tools and other bits and pieces for making things.

Army footlockerI didn’t buy a lot this year, but I’m very happy with the few things I found.  My favorite take this year is a couple of old containers.  The first is a military footlocker.  It’s still got markings on it identifying it belonged to, but nothing else that would identify when it was made or what war it was used in.Army footlocker open  Based on some of what I’ve read, I’m guessing late or post WWII, but I’m not sure.  It’s plywood construction with leather handles.  The inside lining is in bad shape, so I removed all of it.  The plywood is pretty beat up, especially along the bottom.  It’s not something I’d use to haul stuff around without some serious restoration.  That’s okay though as my only plans for it are for storage, and at a $10 it was much cheaper than the footlockers I saw on Ebay.  I’ve already filled it up with a bunch of junk and put it in the spare bedroom; it looks much nicer than the cardboard box the stuff was sitting in before.

tap and die boxtap and die instructionsThe other container I picked up is a wood box for a Little Giant Screw Plate made by Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation of Greenfield, Mass.  I don’t know anything about the tools it once held, but the box is solid, and the little bit of missing hardware can be easily replaced.  Best of all, it was just $8; I couldn’t build it for that price.  The bottom has several areas cut out to fit whatever tools and equipment used to be inside the box.  If it’s not too difficult, I’ll probably remove this part to increase the available space inside the box.  The paint is worn on the outside corners and edges, so I may repaint it.  The inside lid still has the instructions for the screw plate in six different languages.  I especially like the first line, which states “Use plenty of lard oil.”  I’ll definitely leave the instructions intact.  I’m not sure what I’ll use this box for yet, but I’m sure something will eventually come to mind.

Besides the two containers, I also picked up a couple steel wheel chocks (just $5) which will make my DIY oil changes much safer, a Radio Shack regulated 800mA power supply adjustable between 3 and 12v DC (just $.50!) a box of sheet metal screws (also just $.50) and a book on typography.  Quite a few useful things, all at really great prices.  If you live in or near Ashtabula County, GSB is an event well worth checking out, there are a lot of great deals to be found amongst the vast array of items there.  Mark your calendar for the 15th annual Garage Sale Bonanza coming in 2014!

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