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Monobox Ammunition Can Amplified Speaker


I was looking for an electronics project I could build after teaching myself to solder (by building alot of Velleman 3D Christmas trees) when I came across Ross Hershberger’s Monobox amplifier project.  Right away, I knew I had to build this.  I tried to find a cigar box that would work, but didn’t have much luck.  But then I remembered that I had some old ammunition cans laying around, and inspiration struck.   It was a fun project that came out great, and I continue to enjoy it as it makes a great companion for my iPod.

This project was featured on the Make Blog: MonoBox Mods: Same Circuit, Two Builds.  Read on to learn what parts I used, some of the difficulties I ran into, and to see a video of the finished ammo can amp.

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Unsocial Media

SimpleNoteI’ve been quite excited by my recent discovery of SimpleNote, a web app for storing text notes that can sync with client apps on computers and mobile devices.  It’s simple, quick and easy to use.  I’ve been using it to record everything from to-do lists, to vehicle maintenance logs to random thoughts and collected quotes.  Notes can be shared, but I haven’t used any of the sharing options and I don’t expect to.  It’s just a place for me to store bits of information I find important or interesting that I can easily access from anywhere.  Sometimes I use it out of boredom.  I could be waiting for doctor’s appointment, or unable to sleep, and some idea or thought strikes me.  It’s easy to pull out my phone and start tapping out my thoughts in Flick Note and have them synced and available when I’m at my computer later.  This blog post is the result of one such thought, which struck me as I tried to fall asleep a couple nights ago.

That thought is this: that it almost seems strange to have an app on my phone that is dedicated to such introverted activity.  Most of the apps I have are for communication: text messaging, Facebook, Gmail, etc.  That makes sense (as that’s what phones are for) and I like those apps, but many times I’d rather just write out my thoughts and ideas than try to start a conversation with someone or post some boring status update to Facebook.  And that’s what I like about SimpleNote.  I can do that easily no matter where I am now and have access to it everywhere else.  It’s really great.

Social apps are fun, but I’m glad to have a quality “unsocial media” app to give me an outlet for my thoughts that the whole world doesn’t have to see.  It has me thinking that there may be other apps out there that are also fitting for similarly introverted activities.  If I think about it, I might come up with a few, and that could be an interesting list for a future blog post.  Hmmm.  I think I’ll start a list in SimpleNote.

stagolee shot billy

Robert Hunter and the Myth of Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLyon.  It’s a story that’s been told countless times, and in many of those stories Stagger Lee is the hero.  But for Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, the hero was found not in Stagger Lee, but Billy’s widow.  This paper looks at how Hunter accomplished this and compares the song he wrote with another song about Stagger Lee, written and performed by Lloyd Price.

This is a paper I wrote for a university English class, and the paper is still formatted like a university paper, complete with references.  I hope this may be of use to someone else who is researching a topic this paper touches on.

Many thanks to my friend Sarah Masek, who proofread the paper and offered several suggestions to improve it, most of which I followed.  Many thanks to professor Stoker as well for his challenging but rewarding class.

Click here to read/download the paper in PDF format.